Pinkman Pods


  • Juicy fruit flavours with a divine sweet undertone
  • Increased nicotine with 20mg Nic Salts
  • Effortless replacement of Nic Salt juice
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Delight your taste buds with the juicy fruit flavours of Vampire Vape Pinkman Nic Salts. The medley of fruits explodes on your palate, delivering a light and textured vape with layers of moreish fruit flavours.

The higher concentration from the Nic Salts delivers a more satisfying nicotine hit that effectively curbs cravings.

These prefilled come in a pack of two and fit with the Dot Pro perfectly with the aid of a magnetic base that keeps the pods secure.

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More Information
Brand Vampire Vape
Strength 20mg Nic Salts
Flavour Pinkman
Flavour Type Fruit
Tank Capacity 2ml
Why choose DOTPRO?
All the best of DOTPRO

Change flavours with no fuss or mess!

Just switch, click and go with the Dot Pro.

This effortless vaping style allows you to swap out pods and flavours with ease, with the magnetic base sliding elegantly and securely into the battery base.

The prefilled pods come in a variety of flavours, allowing everyone to find a flavour that suits their palate.

Award winning flavours!

The Dot Pro is an all-round sophisticated device, paired with the best juice, featuring award-winning flavours from leading brands in the industry.

The delicious blends of flavours offer a mouth-watering vape that tantalises your palate with the soothing and refreshing flavours, brought to you by Vampire Vape and Liberty Flights.

All your favourites under one roof!

With brand collaboration from leading e-liquid manufacturers, you can now get your favourite flavours whilst trying new revolutionary ones, in one place.

Vampire Vape and Liberty Flights have worked closely to develop a flavour menu that suits all palates, providing fruit, menthol, tobacco and dessert options.

Stick to the old favourite or try something new with the Dot Pro prefilled pods by Vampire Vape and Liberty Flights.

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