What kits do you have?

We currently offer 3 kits in Menthol, Tobacco and Fruit.

Kit Contents

2 x pods (2 x Menthol or 2 x Tobacco or 1 x Berry Nice and 1 x Strawberry)

1 x USB

1 x Battery

1 x Instruction Manual

Pod Replacement Packs

We currently have 4 options of flavours in the DOT Pod refill packs, these are 2 x Menthol, 2 x Tobacco, 2 x Berry Nice, 2 x Strawberry. We also have new flavours coming soon!

Pods are packed in blister packs.


Pods slide into the battery and are held in place by magnets.

The device is activated when the user draws on the mouth piece.

Pods should be replaced when e-liquid is no longer visible.

All pods are marked with the flavour, strength, batch number and expiry date.

Battery Use

On inhaling the battery light will illuminate to show the device is working. The light will flash when the battery needs recharging. Charge until the light goes off using the cable provided.

Nicotine Salt

These pods contain nicotine salt which is a variation of nicotine traditionally found in e-liquids. The 20mg/ml strength refers to the nicotine part of nicotine salt.

While there is research to suggest the salt form of nicotine is absorbed more quickly by the body we are not able to make this claim. Our motivation for using nicotine salt is that it is smoother to inhale, making the high strength more palatable for consumers.

This product is ideal as a starter kit for new customers trying to switch from smoking who want a simple to use device.


My pod is leaking when I use it?

A little residue from your pod is not uncommon during use but there should not be a lot of liquid. Condensation can build up in the pod due to high humidity or air pressure changes. If your pod is leaking slightly, you can continue to use the device,but we recommend wiping the bottom of the pod and battery connections gently with a tissue.  If you get liquid on your hands, simply wash with soap and water.

Leaking can also be caused by taking aggressive draws on the mouthpiece, to rectify this, try drawing on the DOT pod more gently.

My DOT Kit is not producing Vapour?

If your DOT Kit is fully charged and has liquid left in the POD but doesn’t produce vapour, follow these two tips to see if this resolves the issue for you.

1. Using a tissue with a tiny bit of rubbing alcohol, clean the contacts on both the pod and inside battery where the pod is inserted. This should ensure a connection between the pod and the device if any moisture has got on them. 

2. There may be a few tiny air bubbles down by the wicks of the pod that can also contribute to the issue. Take the pod out of the device and gently tap it (mouthpiece side up) on a hard surface. This should release any tiny air bubbles and re-saturate the wicks.

If you have any queries regarding the DOT Vape Kit, then please contact us at support@liberty-flights.co.uk.