Introducing the revolutionary Dot Pro with Vampire Vape and Liberty Flights prefilled pods. These stylish devices make switching to vaping easy with ergonomic design and enhanced air flow capabilities, coupled with award winning flavours by Vampire Vape and Liberty Flights.

Your Future Starts Here

Transition with ease with the Dot Pro, an innovatively designed device teamed with delicious Nic Salt prefilled pods from leading brands. Together these combine to give you a simple and efficient vape that satisfies your cravings.

It’s with Dot Pro that you can start taking the steps to a fresher life with a sophisticated yet straightforward device. Accompanied by prefilled pods, you can switch, click and go in one swift movement. 

Our lightweight, portable device allows you to discreetly vape and store away when out and about.

Dot Pro, simply for you, simply for vaping.

Shop by Taste buds

Enjoy your vaping experience and find a flavour that suits you. With a selection of juices from leading brands, you can easily find an e-liquid that suits your preferences. With four categories, you can indulge your taste buds with a choice of Menthol, Fruit, Tobacco and Baked flavours. Whether you’re looking for an old favourite or trying out a brand-new flavour, the Dot Pro range has you covered.

Shop menthol flavour Dot Pro podsShop menthol flavour Dot Pro pods


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Shop fruit flavour Dot Pro podsShop fruit flavour Dot Pro pods


Take a leap, explore flavour

Need a hand?

Brand new to vaping. Not a problem. The Dot Pro vape kit with its pre-filled pods is designed for simple vaping with a sophisticated build that simplifies your experience. The Dot Pro pods contain nicotine salt and come in 20mg/ml strength for a smoother experience. Pre-filled with e-liquid from industry-leading brands like Vampire Vape, Double Drip and Liberty Flights, the disposable pods make this starter kit the perfect choice for new vapers. Our goal is to give you as much information as possible without confusion, which is further detailed in our Starter Guide. Here you will find helpful tips and terms that will make everything more transparent and the transition more natural.

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